Your pets drawn as superheroes! Brought to you by Chris Piascik and Unlikely Words.
Series 3 illustrations by Shayna Cochefski.

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Do you want your pet to be a superhero?

Your pet is a superhero. You know it. Now it’s the time to show the world. All we need is a photograph (or 2) of your pet’s face to make all your superhero pet dreams come true. If you’d like to see your favorite non-human friend drawn as a superhero choose one of 2 options below.

$60 - High-resolution file of an original drawing of your pet as a superhero. This file may be used for print, or to post on your favorite internet destination.

$75 - High-resolution file of an original drawing of your pet as a superhero, PLUS a high quality 5x7 print of the drawing mailed to an address of your choosing. Most people choose their own address, but you don’t have to.

Once you pay, you’ll receive a receipt from us. Respond to that email with a photograph of your pet, and if you chose option 2, an address where you want your print mailed. We’ll do the rest. Have more pets? Interested in getting a team of superheroes? Send us an email for special pricing! PETSARESUPERHEROES at GMAIL

Current turnaround is 1–2 weeks

*non-commercial use only*